The Management Team

Specialists in Motor Rewinds and Refurbishment

Fa-eez Appollis and Rashaad Williams are the founders and managers of Drakenstein Rewinds. Collectively, they have over 35 years’ experience in the rewinding and refurbishment of electric motors, with Fa-eez managing Sales and General Operations, while Rashaad manages the technical aspects within the workshop and repair division.

Our Clients

Anyone who has an old or failed Electric Motor

Drakenstein Rewinds services a broad range of clients, which include the public sector as well as industrial and agricultural operations within the Boland and Winelands districts. No job or client is too big or too small for Drakenstein Rewinds, who also service wine farms, fruit and livestock farms and in fact any business or household that utilises electric motors in its operations.

Meet the Directors 

Fa-eez Appollis

Rashad Williams